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CLC Announces Endorsements in Nashville's Metro General Election

Anne Barnett
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The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee is proud to announce endorsements for the August 3 Metro Nashville General Election. These endorsements come after members of local CLC affiliated unions conducted a thorough candidate screening process, including a questionnaire and interview. 

“Metro elections are critical to all working families, but especially our public sector affiliates whose salaries, benefits, and cost of living increases depend on the Metro Council,” said Vonda McDaniel, president of the Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle TN. “Our diverse union members have spent long hours vetting these candidates, and I believe they have chosen the best candidates for working families.”


At Large: 

Burkley Allen 

Chris Cheng 

Quin Evans-Segall 

Arnold Hayes 

Olivia Hill 

Delishia Porterfield 

Zulfat Suara

District 2: Kyonzte Toombs 

District 3: Jennifer Gamble 

District 5: Sean Parker 

District 6: Clay Capp and Daniel McDonell 

District 7: Emily Benedict 

District 9: Stephanie Montenegro 

District 11: Eric Patton 

District 12: Erin Evans 

District 13: Russ Bradford 

District 14: Jordan Huffman 

District 15: Jeff Gregg 

District 16: Ginny Welsh

District 17: Terry Vo 

District 18: Tom Cash 

District 19: Jacob Kupin 

District 20: Rollin Horton 

District 21: Brandon Taylor 

District 24: Brenda Gadd 

District 25: Jeff Preptit 

District 29: Tasha Ellis 

District 30: Sandra Sepulveda 

District 31: John Rutherford 

District 32: Joy Styles 

District 33: Antoinette Lee 

District 35: Jason Spain


“So much legislation gets passed at the local level that affects our members drastically, both on and off the jobsite. That’s why it’s important for us to get involved, vet these candidates, educate them on what matters to us, and make our voices heard,” said Charley Rodriguez, Organizer with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. The Painters union is one of many who have committed time and resources to elect CLC endorsed candidates. 

The Central Labor Council comprises 40 affiliated local labor unions and represents over 7,000 union households in Davidson County.