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Union Production Companies

IATSE is the labor organization representing the workers making movies, television, and commercials. Local 492 covers all of Tennessee and has several hundred members all of whom are also members of the AFL-CIO. 

Just as a campaign needs to be conscious of union workers when selecting a printing company, we ask that campaigns specify the use of union signatory production companies to make their campaign spots. This may be in the form of a request to the media consulting company or ad agency. IATSE will happily work with the consultants or campaigns and any production company to help in this effort.

Making campaign spots under a contract offering good working conditions and health benefits need not be any more expensive, but means higher quality and more efficient work. There is no better way to show support for the working families who make up the constituents of the candidates. 

Below list of union signatory companies in Tennessee. Contact Peter Kurland,, for signatories outside of Tennessee or further information.

4610 CharloKe Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
Contact: Shannon Wood